AAA Affiliate changes coming

Ok I grew up in Buffalo (and became a fan of the Indians due to the AAA Buffalo Bisons), but now I live in Washington and I’m a full fledged Nats Fan but my AL team is still the Tribe (who I might stop caring for if they leave Buffalo)… 


Here’s how this whole AAA thing will probably go…

First the facts…

1. Everyone knows the Braves are moving Richmond’s AAA Franchise closer to ATL in Gwinett.

2. Cleveland is currently not renewing Buffalo.

3. Toronto is currently not renewing Syracuse.

4. this is the last year of the contract between Washington and Columbus.

5. Mets are unhappy with being in New Orleans and want to move to Syracuse.


This is how it will probably go.

1. Cleveland’s AAA moves from Buffalo to Columbus. this just makes sense.  Columbus is more affluent of a town, there in the state of Ohio and there is a new ballpark.


2. Mets moves AAA franchise from New Orleans to Syracuse.  This makes sense for them as well… While Syracuse isn’t that close to NYC, anything is better than New Orleans. 


3. Toronto PROBABLY moves to Buffalo… this makes sense for them as Buffalo is only 1 hour away from Buffalo. Many of the canadian TV stations are on Buffalo Cable and I used to watch the Jays on CTV growing up, before Rogers cable bought them.


4. This leaves the Nationals with the choice of New Orleans (which was there affiliate two years ago) or Richmond which is only 1 hour and 30 minutes away.  The trick is that Richmond has a dumpy stadium and little support, although I’m not really sure how it compares with New Orleans. Maybe the Nats make a move to go to Buffalo… which has a good stadium (Pilot Field, North Americare Park, Dunn Tire park… Or whatever they are calling it now) and is still a lot of fun to go to when the weather is warmer.  Go Bisons! Go Tribe! Go NATS! Go Niagara Power J


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